West Hollywood “Weed Café” Will Open In September 2019

Leaders in West Hollywood just gave the green light to America’s first legal cannabis café.

In mid-July, members of the West Hollywood Business License Commission (WHBLC) handed over a cannabis consumption license to Lowell Herb Company. It’s expected the Lowell Café, located on North La Brea Avenue, will open on September 1, 2019.

Amazingly, nobody on the WHBLC had objections to this café. A few commission members even said Lowell Café might be a good thing for the city because it will attract curious tourists.

While many people support Lowell Café, there are some in the community who have concerns. Rabbi Denise Eger, who leads the Congregation Kol Ami nearby the newly proposed café, is one of Lowell Café’s strongest critics.

Rabbi Eger is most concerned about the fumes from marijuana adversely affecting her congregants. Since Eger regularly holds outdoor events, she worries the smell of cannabis might harm her congregants.

In response to Eger’s criticisms, members of Lowell Herb Co. said their new café will have a state of the art air filtration system. Also, there will be 24-hour security around Lowell Café ready to handle any emergencies that arise.

Because current California law forbids the sale of both alcohol and cannabis in one establishment, you won’t find any alcoholic beverages on Lowell Café’s menu. Instead, this café plans to sell nonalcoholic beverages and entrées alongside cannabis creations during the day. After 9PM, Lowell Café will open its full-service cannabis bar.

Lowell Café’s cannabis consumption license will only last for one year. Once 2020 rolls around, West Hollywood authorities will review safety data before deciding whether Lowell Café can continue to operate.

Lowell Herb Co. is one of California’s best-known premier cannabis companies. To learn more about Lowell Herb Co.’s history and products, feel free to check out this official website.

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