New App Could Help With Earthquake Safety In West Hollywood

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced the launch of a new mobile phone app that could help West Hollywood residents better prepare for earthquakes. Called “Shake Alert LA,” this new app will be the first in the USA to warn locals of major earthquakes a few seconds before they strike.

Technicians at both the US Geological Survey and AT&T designed this potentially life-saving app. The Annenberg Foundation also played a major role in funding the development of “Shake Alert LA.”

According to Mayor Garcetti, this app was designed to alert people of earthquakes of at least a 5.0 magnitude. The hope is that these early alerts will give users a few extra seconds to find cover before the earthquake’s tremors become severe.

It’s important to note, however, that “Shake Alert LA” can’t predict future earthquakes. Once an app user gets a text message warning, that means an earthquake has started or is just about to start.

Scientists used a special software appropriately called “ShakeAlert” in the design of this app. This technology forms a link with a large network of LA sensors that are operated by the US Geological Survey.

Although this app’s main feature has to do with its earthquake alert system, there are a few other features users could benefit from. People who download this app will find detailed information on previous earthquakes in the area as well as a list of helpful safety tips.

While “Shake Alert LA” is still in its trial phases, people can now download this app onto their phones. To download the app today, or to learn more about “Shake Alert LA’s” features, please visit this link.

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