West Hollywood Man Killed in Tulare Crash

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According to the California Highway Patrol, a road accident that occurred on the outskirts of Tulare County in California left one person dead.

According to Visalia Times Media, California Highway Patrol officers responded to an emergency call that came through around 2:35 PM on Monday, August 30, 2021. On reaching the scene of the accident, the patrol officers were able to establish that the two-vehicle collision had occurred on Avenue 336, on the western side of Road 162 in Ivanhoe.

Officers who arrived at the scene stated that the accident involved a 38-year old man driving a 2014 Toyota sedan and 53-year-old driving a 2018 GMC pickup truck. The 38-year-old driver was driving west on Avenue 336, while the 53-year-old driver was driving east on Avenue 336. It is believed that the Toyota driver accidentally drifted to the north and onto a dirt shoulder. Even though the driver tried to correct the steering wheel in order to get back in the westbound lane, the car eventually lost control, crossed over into the eastbound lane, and hit the GMC. The impact of the accident was severe to the extent of pinning the driver of the Toyota in his car. Unfortunately, he died on the spot while Mr. Garcia, the GMC driver, was later taken home by his family. According to this page, head on collisions are the most dangerous accidents to be involved in.

According to the CHP, the investigations are ongoing, and alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as the causative agents of the fatal road accident. Interestingly, the Monday accident was the third fatal accident to occur recently on Tulare County roads.

On Sunday, around 2 AM, police responded to emergency calls from an accident scene on Highway 99 south of Avenue 200. Upon arriving at the scene, the police officers established that two vehicles had collided on the freeway.

The police stated that the accident occurred after a 36-year old woman from Bakersfield rammed her Nissan Vera into the back of a 2004 GMC Yukon that was being driven by a 54-year old Sacramento man. At the time of writing, the police had not established why the 36-year old woman was driving at high speed. Sadly, the CHP said the woman died on the spot while the man sustained minor injuries. Unlike in the Monday accident, alcohol or drugs are suspected of contributing to the crush.

On Sunday night, the California Highway Patrol responded to a 911 call of a single-wreck accident that had occurred on Avenue 320, on the eastern side of Road 138. Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the driver dead. The California Highway Patrol stated that alcohol may have contributed to the crash.

These accidents are a clear indication that a lot needs to be done to safeguard drivers and pedestrians using Tulare County roads from drivers driving under the influence. Despite the occurrence of these accidents, California has strict DUI laws, and anyone caught breaking them is held accountable. For instance, it is illegal for a driver to drive a car with more than 0.08% BAC. If such individuals are caught, they are subjected to fines and up to 3 years of informal probation. Repeat offenders are fined between $390 to $1,200 and given 90 hours to a 1-year jail term.

This report was compiled with the help of Visalia Times Media.

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