Two WeHo Parks Reopen With Rigid Reservation Requirements

Los Angelenos can now enjoy a few relaxing hours in Plummer or West Hollywood parks—provided they have a reservation. Even though both of these parks have officially reopened, visitors first have to book an appointment with West Hollywood’s Parks & Recreation Department.

Reservations to both parks can be made on this official portal. Wherever you choose to reserve your spot, you must get an email approval at least 24-hours before your visit.

When visitors walk into either of these parks, they will find numbered zones on the grass. You should only stay in your assigned space for the duration of your visit.

Although there’s no charge to reserve a spot at either of these parks, there is a time limit. You can only stay in your assigned space for a maximum of two hours. Current park hours are between 9 AM – 7 PM.

City leaders closed Plummer and West Hollywood parks at the end of July to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Shortly before both of these parks shut down, West Hollywood Parks & Recreation received reports from concerned citizens who said visitors weren’t obeying CDC guidelines.

In addition to booking a spot in advance, anyone who wants to visit these parks must wear a facemask. The Parks & Rec department also urges residents to throw away all trash before exiting the park.

Visitors should also know that facilities like bathrooms, water fountains, and playgrounds remain off-limits. Park authorities also still have a ban on large gatherings like yoga classes.

If you have further questions about West Hollywood’s park reservation policy, feel free to visit this website.

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