Spending Valentine’s Day in Vista California

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Vista is a growing city in the state of California with a thriving art scene as well as a growing microbrewery industry. With that in mind, and with Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, I planned my dream Valentine’s Day trip featuring some of the best Vista has to offer.

1. Moonlight Stage

Featuring an outdoor amphitheatre, the Moonlight boasts productions all year long. Located next to a beautiful park, the theater boasts musicals, concerts, comedy shows, and movie nights. Picnicking before a show is a tradition, along with grabbing some food at the local Artisan Cafe. To get a touch of culture in my life, I would love to spend Valentine’s Day taking in the show available for the February season at the Moonlight. A romantic picnic beforehand certainly sounds alluring, too.

2. Alta Vista Botanical Garden

As a nature lover, spending some time unplugging from the world and taking a stroll through the famous Alta Vista Botanical Garden sounds absolutely magical. Not only do they feature flowers from local gardeners, but they also have showings of flowers from Australia, Asia, and Africa. One-part eye candy, one-part education, the Botanical Garden gives a feast for the eyes and soul whilst giving important lessons about water conservation as well as plants that thrive in low-water conditions. For myself, taking a walk through a beautiful garden with a special someone is a wonderful way to develop intimacy.

3. Get Air Vista

Laughs are the best way to spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one. Get Air Vista provides just that. With numerous activities to choose from, I find the idea of jumping all around in what is essentially a huge trampoline house to be a riot. To test our athletics, something quite important on Valentine’s Day, my partner and I can give all our on the ninja course and see if we’re ninja-worthy. Or we can just have a silly game of dodgeball. By the end of that exhausting activity, relaxing in some of the provided massage chairs is just what I need to rejuvenate and continue on with my Valentine’s Day in Vista!

4. Boomers! Vista

Competition can keep a relationship fun and exciting. What better way to get the blood flowing on Valentine’s Day than with a few rounds of laser tag? Boomers! Vista is an entertainment facility boasting everything from go-karts, miniature golf, bumper boats, a game room, and the aforementioned laser tag arena. For myself, I’d definitely drag my date to the go-karts, laser tag, and game room. Not only is it something different from the overdone dinner at a restaurant, but it’s engaging and should cause quite a few laughs. To calm the competitive flair down, or perhaps amp it up, finishing the visit with a round of miniature golf is just what’s required before heading to the next activity.

5. Microbrewing Tour

Alcohol, at least for the adults, is usually a staple at some point on Valentine’s Day. Because Vista boasts a healthy selection of microbreweries, making a drinking tour of some of the best-rated ones, like Iron Fist Brewing, not only helps in exploring the town further but is a guaranteed way to get that buzz going. Iron Fist Brew is a local brewery that is family owned and offers a wide selection of original brews. For those wanting to do a tour of microbreweries, like myself, Iron Fist offers a tasting room as well, allowing for customers to have a nice taste but still be able to head towards the next microbrewery on their list.

One of the other breweries could be Mother Earth Brew Co. What started in a garage, soon became one of Vista’s most successful breweries. Their aim is to create palate-pleasing brews that will get us talking about them. Since drinking original brews can be an experience itself, sharing with someone special makes the experience even better.

6. The Wave Waterpark

Because we didn’t have enough fun at the other entertainment facilities, I’d be displaying a brand new bathing suit for Valentine’s Day at the Wave Waterpark. Although, after Vista’s plethora of fun activities, I may only be up for the relaxing, winding, lazy river course. If I experience a second–or third–wind, tackling some of the intense water slides the park boasts with my special someone is a great way to forge new and fond memories together.

7. Massage Green Spa

Finally, a massage will conclude all of my fun. Massage Green Spa is close to Vista and offers every modality of massage that I love. I could get my own massage here or we could get a couples massage. Or, better yet, I could get a membership here – who says Valentine’s Day has to end on February 14?

Valentine’s Day to Remember

Vista does not disappoint with the available activities for a couple to enjoy together. For those who are similar to me and like to have fun and don’t mind indulging in their inner child, these specific activities are perfect for my–and perhaps their–idea of a memorable Valentine’s Day with a loved one.

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