Fremont, California Accident Study

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Fremont boasts an average walk score of 50, making it one of the most walkable cities in California. Nevertheless, many pedestrians are always at risk of getting knocked down when crossing the city’s busy intersections. The incidents are usually a result of careless drivers who do not care about other road users. Many passengers suffer severe injuries in Fremont every year, so authorities should start holding reckless drivers in the city accountable. A recent study brought to light some frightening statistics concerning pedestrian accidents in Fremont.

The Pedestrian Accident Situation in Fremont

According to the latest yearly crash data, the pedestrian accident problem in Fremont is bad. The report indicates that drivers who do not yield to pedestrians are the leading cause of accidents in the city. Traffic rules in California need drivers to always check out for pedestrians near intersections and decelerate if they notice any. Unfortunately, several drivers do not follow these codes, resulting in multiple incidents. The city administration has identified several hotspots where accidents are rampant. These intersections are between Walnut Avenue and Godfrey Street and Washington Boulevard and Osgood Road. These spots record numerous accidents every year.

In general, pedestrian accident statistics have reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic but started increasing afterwards, according to data from the California Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS). The city records about 43 pedestrian accidents annually over the last five years, including severe injuries and deaths. TIMS reports show Fremont had around 39 fatal pedestrian accidents in 2022. Of the 39 passengers, five lost their lives. The loss of lives usually affects the friends and families of the victims the most.

Hit-And-Run Drivers in Fremont

Do you know what is worse than hitting pedestrians? It is driving away after an incident to avoid responsibility. Hit-and-run drivers knock down pedestrians every year in Fremont and flee, leaving the victim to suffer all the consequences. A driver who drives away after knocking a passenger puts the victim at risk of being hit by other drivers. The victim may also fail to get emergency medical care in good time. In addition, the victim and his loved ones will have to pay all the medical bills. Arresting drivers and making them accountable for their actions is critical to supporting victims and reducing hit-and-run incidents.

Pedestrian Accident Data in California and the United States

The rates of pedestrian accidents in California and the entire country are staggering. Statistics by the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) show that nearly 7,508 pedestrians died in auto accidents in the United States in 2022. The number represents a 1% increase in the death rate since 7,443 people died in 2021. Overall, pedestrian accidents have been increasing over the last few years.

In 2022, California recorded approximately 1,100 pedestrian deaths. This number makes it the leading state when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Texas is second with 834 accidents, whereas Florida is third with 824. There is hope that pedestrian accidents will reduce in Fremont in the coming years if the proper measures are implemented.

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